Like 'Bulletproof' coffee?  Try our spin on it!  Organic, natural and minimal processed ingredients made fresh to order. 


Hot Steeped Tea:Black, Green & Herbal

Hot Blended Tea:Hot tea poured into the blender with coconut oil, extracts and raw sugar. Try our spin on your favorites!

​Iced Green Tea: Cold green tea poured over ice. Sweetened with agave to taste.

Iced Tea: All of our teas can be brewed and poured over ice.

Monday --- Wednesday: 10 - 1

 Thursday --- Friday: 10 - 7
Saturday: 10 - 3
Sunday: closed​

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RxBar: No B.S. 12g protein bar.

​Skratch Labs: Fill your bottle & take some for later.

Honey Stinger:Energy gels & Energy chews.

Zurvita: Zeal for Life whole food drink & Protein shakes.

Supplements: Hammer Nutrition on hand and available to order.

Information: Always FREE and happy to share!

​Cove Cocoa:Our dairy free hot chocolate creation. (Coconut oil, ghee, dark chocolate chips and raw sugar)

Smoothies:A whole banana, Naked juice, Bessy's Best milk or cold brew,  Zurvita protein(whey/pea) blended with ice.

Zurvita on Ice:Zurvita protein and Zeal for Life wellness shaken with ice for all the nutrients you could get in a cup!

Sippin' Soup:Vegetable or chicken broth, collagen and ghee blended then served in a cup so you can sip on the go.

Bottled Drinks: Water and varied juices.

​​Press Brewed Coffee:Fresh ground, locally roasted beans brewed to order. Colombian(light) Kenya(medium) Sumatra(dark)

Hot Blended Coffee:Pressed coffee poured in the blender with ghee, coconut oil, chocolate chips, cocoa, extracts, raw sugar or stevia.

Kevlar Coffee: Coffee blended with organic ghee & coconut oil.

Keto Coffee: Coffee blended with ghee, coconut oil, cocoa, sea salt & stevia.

Cove Cold Brew:Slow drip brewed concentrate poured over ice. Add milk, agave and extract to taste.

Cove Mocha: Your choice of coffee blended with coconut oil, chocolate chips and raw sugar.

​Specials: Better Butter Blend & CCC Blend- SPECIAL priced for a limited time!

​Whole Beans:Custom Pride of Dakota roasted, single origin & organic.